HomeServ electricians know the importance of doing the job right for lasting, reliable electrical installs for New Albany, Union county and the rest of North Mississippi.

Electrical installs, with safety in mind

Electrical work can be dangerous, and attempting to do it yourself without proper training and experience can be risky. HomeServ electricians have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your electrical system is safe and up to code.

Our electricians are trained professionals with the skills and knowledge to handle a wide range of electrical tasks, from simple repairs to complex installations. They can diagnose problems, make repairs, and install new electrical systems with precision and accuracy.

HomeServ Electrician Services
  • Electrical Installation Services


    HomeServ offers installations for new and existing structures, adhering to current safety regulations and building codes. A licensed electrician will ensure that all work is done in compliance with these regulations, reducing the risk of fines or other penalties.

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    Repairs & Diagnostics

    Electrical repairs can vary widely depending on the type and severity of the issue. Trust the experts at HomeServ to troubleshoot the issue and get you back on track fast.

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    Service Packages

    HomeServ offers electrical service packages, as with our HVAC and plumbing services. Call today to see how you can save and get expert help at the same time.

  • Good Communication

    Communication is Key

    A good electrical team should be able to communicate effectively with clients and coworkers. We strive to explain technical details in an understandable way and listen carefully to concerns and questions.

Generac Smart Generators

Generac Generators

Generac is a well-known brand in the generator industry and is known for producing high-quality and reliable generators. They are known for their quality construction and durable materials and are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy use, making them a reliable backup power source.

HomeServ offers a wide range of generators, including portable, standby, and commercial models. This means that there is a Generac generator for every need and budget. You can also expect a robust warranty and maintenance program to ensure that your generator continues to perform well over time. We choose Generac because of its quality, innovation, variety, performance, and support for a reliable backup power source.